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About » The Spanish Caravan

True Vanlife on board of a red VolksWagen T3, chasing sun, waves and an alternative way of living.

This project stem from a change; one of those changes that redefines the concept of time, giving new meanings to what was the “before” and what will be the “after”.  But above all it comes from a dream: to follow the Atlantic coast by land aboard a faithful 4 wheels companion to chase a wave and re-establish a live, intense and meaningful contact with my own nature.

From the northernmost point (48° 16’27.9’’N – 4° 36’57.8’’W) up to the southernmost one (23° 43’45.4’’N – 15° 56’31.0’’W); crossing countries, cultures, people and different climatic conditions.

One of those trip that, like wine, mature and improves in time; a slow and constant path, now part of a new and exciting lifestyle.


Notes from the road

Travelling in my life

Other than surfing travels and new experiences abroad have always genuinely fascinated me. Europe, Turkey, North Africa, a few hit and runs in Asia and Central/South

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Surfing in my life

As the author of this “Notes” let me quickly introduce myself and talk about the passion that has pushed me to make this radical change

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Making the first step

Despite the name given to the van – I wonder if someone recognizes where it comes from..! – everything has started after my last vacation

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